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"The WORD on the street" is a way for those living in the United States to be connected with those living in the Land. The day's events, politics, pop-culture, family life, maybe even what’s on the dinner menu—all of this and more is likely to be found here. Visit regularly to hear the WORD on the street from our MAs and friends in Israel.

God speed the day

25 November, 2012

Perhaps you have seen the photograph of frustrated Israeli soldiers lying on the ground spelling out in Hebrew 'Bibi loser'. And yes, voices in the south of the country are saying: "We should have gone into Gaza with a ground operation…we should have finished off Hamas and been free of rocket fire once and for all!" And yes, Hamas in Gaza is shouting "Victory!"

For all this, the man on the street in Israel, in his heart of hearts, sees as merciful this ceasefire after 8 days of 1,573 rockets and missiles. Our Iron Dome anti-missile missile system was incredibly successful in intercepting almost 90% of these, [incredibly expensive also, these interceptions costing $30,000,000], but even the shrapnel from those interceptions has to fall somewhere, and tiny fragments made their way into Israel's decision making. Then surely the bus bombing in Tel Aviv, applauded by Hamas while 'negotiating' a ceasefire, jolted Israel further into the present reality.

The terrible costs of war—added to the degree of our enemies’ hatred—equaled the realization that no ground operation could root out the hatred of generations from the alleyways of Gaza. As journalist Rabbi Donniel Hartman put it, "Because Israel possesses a hammer it does not mean that the solution to the dangers from Gaza is a nail." He then adds what he calls a rabbinical adage: "True strength is sometimes expressed in self control."

Though Hartman's voice comes from a God-fearing minority in Israel, the man on the street majority has a waning confidence in Israel's military might and a growing sense of need. This man on the street majority by no means reads 'Mercy' for 'Morsi', [the Egyptian President who brokered the ceasefire], yet in his midst there is arising another minority with a dawning, though inarticulate, sense of need for mercy.

With all factors brought into the equation, and all stated reasons for the decision put aside, there was a degree of humility in Israel's willingness to lay down its arms. God speed the day when Israel will understand that the Kingdom will be established by Mercy!


God speed the day

25 November, 2012

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